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Skyway Cement Plant

Baker Hughes Tramway

Baker Hughes

Reuter Stokes CT Scanner

Siemens Hunt Valley Rd. Exterior Upgrades

Innomotics Lunch Room Renovations

  • Kennametal Window Replacement: Irwin, PA

  • Skyway Cement Plant Ground Up Construction: Etna, PA

  • Baker Hughes Various Renovations: Mt. Pleasant, PA

  • Baker Hughes Tramway Addition: Sharonville, OH

  • Siemens Sagamore Hill Renovations: Pittsburgh, PA

  • Siemens Hunt Valley Rd. Upgrades: New Kensington, PA

  • Baker Hughes Wire Line Relocation: Tallmadge, OH

  • Siemens Hunt Valley Paving: New Kensington, PA

  • Watts Fuel Cell Insulation: Mt. Pleasant, PA

  • Baker Hughes Reuter-Stokes CT Scanner: Twinsburg, OH

  • Siemens Energy Fire Protection Modifications: Mt. Pleasant, PA

  • Innomotics Lunch Room Renovations: New Kensington, PA

"Baker Hughes and ArTECH Group have worked together over the years on numerous projects. Our ability to collaborate well together as a team proves well for a successful outcome to each project completed."

Mark Seale, Director of Real Estate

Baker Hughes

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